Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pastel Figure Drawing

Fall Quarter at RIT is about to begin which means that faculty figure drawing is also upon us. Faculty figure drawing consists of a handful of faculty (4-6) who enjoy working from the model and the social aspect and camaraderie that is also connected to this activity. We meet weekly for a three hour session and no one critiques or comments about any one's individual direction. This is purely for us...the individual artist! We play good music and lose ourselves for a while. It is so cathartic and fun! This is a drawing from our last session where I started to use pastels. Prior to this I was working conservatively with only B&W media. That's part of the joy in this process...we get bored or confident and decide to push forward in a new direction. This piece is on a gray toned paper (22"x 32") and took about two hours to complete.