Friday, March 30, 2012

What's Bruin?

This is a 9x12 acrylic painting demo of an angry Grizzly Bear. The quick drying properties of acrylics allow me to build up many layers of paint in a very short timeframe. The first layers are mostly monochromatic and I concentrate on depicting the form with a full range of values, from white to black. Then I glaze on more color as I try to create variety, interest, and selected highlights. I use multiple references and I really observe the subtleties of color for authenticity and to avoid color cliches. Notice the gray pinks and purples in and around the bear's mouth.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Frankenstein Monster

This is a gouache demo where I am using the medium in a very loose fashion. This seems to be a common goal with most artists/illustrators as they change habits throughout their careers. We spend the early parts of our lives trying to get more proficient with materials and tight or refined with our work...and then suddenly it starts in the other direction. I only want to paint what is necessary for any particular image to work. I want it to look and feel like a painting. Sometimes it takes more, sometimes less.