Friday, July 30, 2010

An Evolving Palette

I have mentioned in earlier posts that I will occasionally work back into older paintings. Sometimes these changes are subtle and at other times quite extensive. A major change within my work over the past few years has been a dramatic shift in my color palette. This change has not been forced or premeditated. It has just happened naturally...I don't know why. I used to see bright colors every where and I usually amped them up even more when I painted. Now I really see most color as a gray tone that leans toward a particular hue. I find it more interesting and real. This is especially evident with the way I handle yellows, blues, and greens. I will also change the composition of some paintings by adding or eliminating elements. Notice how the barn and fieldstone wall disappeared in the above 30" x 40" oil painting. Notice how I toned down some of the color while getting more abstract with the meadow in the foreground.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Molly and Adam

My first born daughter was married this past weekend, so I thought that I would post recent portraits of the happy couple. Each painting measures 9 x 12 and was completed with oil on canvas. The one of Adam was done about 16 months ago as an in-class demo. The one of Molly was completed in my studio within the past 10 months. I think that I have painted my kids more than any other personal subject matter. When they were little, they would model for my many illustration assignments.
They really were good at it as they always seemed to be able to give me the gesture and expression that the assignment called for. I'll post some of those examples in the near future.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Old Time Baseball Demo

This is a portrait of "Home Run" Baker. He was a third baseman for the Philadelphia Athletics in the early 1900's. Just like the hockey player in my last post, these guys all look rough and tough. His expression looks like he may be thinking about a past bean ball incident or murder.
I've done a lot of work for the Baseball Hall of Fame over the years and it's always fun to paint these old time ruffians.
This 9 x 12 mixed media piece was done in-class as a demo with acrylic washes, oil wash, and prismacolor pencils.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Old Time Hockey Demo

Here's another oil painting demonstration. I really enjoy painting old time hockey and baseball players. Their faces reveal so much. Most of them grew up poor. Semi-pro or professional sports was their way out of poverty. This piece was started and completed in-class this past year for one of my courses at RIT. My references are all B & W. The color comes from experience and research into historical team uniforms. This 12 x 24 painting depicts a 1920's era Boston Bruin defense man in his brown and mustard yellow sweater.