Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Lokrum Springtime

All of the Plein air work that I produced in my final weeks in Croatia was done on Lokrum Island.
It was truly a spectacular place. I did notice that my palette started to get much more vibrant as the weather warmed up. This was not a conscious effort, it just happened. In the top piece I have depicted a natural salt pond, complete with a cave that led to the sea. This was the most popular spot on the island for swimming and sunbathing. The second piece was completed from the vast rocky beach on the south side of Lokrum, looking back to the forested hill on the island. Mt. Srd can be seen behind that on the mainland. The routine of painting on location several times a week really paid off as I was getting quite comfortable with this gouache technique. It never felt easy but it was always a pleasant and rewarding experience.